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Gold & silver

Trusted Gold and Silver Buyers in Mississauga

You have reached the right place! Century Stamps & Co Ltd. is the ideal place to gold and silver buyers in Mississauga. All the products we offer are verified and guaranteed. We use advanced

technology to examine any gold or silver you bring in to our store. We keep evolving with new market opportunities and ever-changing customer needs. You can rest assured that when working with us, you will have the latest services and technology to assess the value of your metals.

We provide accurate and competitive prices on all gold and silver. We pride ourselves on offering a convenient and honest way to invest in precious metals. Our in-house X-Ray machine provides accurate on the spot testing. Making sure everything that comes in and goes out is accurate and authentic. 


At Century Stamps & Co Ltd., customers are always our first priority. We go the extra mile to ensure our solutions meet your needs. We aim to offer our customers every purchasing and selling option available in today’s market. If you are looking for gold and silver buyers in Mississauga, contact us. You can also take a look at our other products including stamp supplies, coin supplies, stamps and more.

We also BUY at highly competitive prices.

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