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Century Stamps & Co Ltd: Your Coin Shop in Toronto

Century Stamps & Coins is your source for stamps, coins, paper money and more at competitive prices. If you are an avid coin collector and are looking to expand your collection, choose our coin shop in Toronto.


Our Wide Range of Services

We are proud to offer a wide variety of products and services including:  



If you are a seasoned collector or you’re just getting started, Century Stamps & Coins has the products you’re looking for. Check out our collection online or visit our shop in person.  


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Visit Century Stamps & Coins, your trusted coin shop in Toronto, to buy and sell your coins, stamps, bullion and more. We offer free estimates and competitive pricing on your items, including cash for gold.


Clear snaplock currency holders for standard size

Clear snaplock currency holders for standard size

2x2 Cardboard Silver $1 Holders Pk.100

2x2 Cardboard Silver $1 Holders Pk.100
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