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Thinking about selling your collection or just a few pieces.

While the sale of your collection can be a sombre affair, it can be the right move if you realize you've gone as far with your collection as you are likely to. Sharing your material with other collectors, possibly who have been searching at length for material you possess can be very gratifying and selling a fine collection for this reason is often a matter of great personal satisfaction.

Century Stamps and Coins is keenly interested in collections of quality coins, stamps, bank notes, gold and silver bullion. We offer fair market value, as we are usually the end users of the material and eager to fill our want lists. Collections of established, commercially viable collector material are what we are most interested in, but we will quote on practically all collections of value.

To find out what the fair market value is, we recommend you email us at info@centurystamps.com or call us at 905-822-5464.

Century Stamps and Coins has a reputation for handling the purchase of collections with discretion, honesty and dispatch. With 67 years in business, 3 generations, we welcome your inquiries.

Emile Hakim Sr., Sam E. Hakim, Emil Hakim Jr.

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